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Peacemaker – ISP Cybersecurity

Whalebone Peacemaker is a cybersecurity solution designed for Internet Service Providers (ISPs). It offers an on-premise DNS resolver that enhances network security and speed, providing real-time threat intelligence and content filtering. This solution is tailored to reduce administrative overhead by automating security and network management tasks, ensuring that ISP networks are secure, fast, and compliant with regulations.

Peacemaker can be quickly implemented and includes features like custom blacklists, DNSSEC support, and encrypted DNS protocols. Whalebones’ Peacemaker allows ISPs to focus more on development rather than maintenance.


Whalebone has three product tiers:

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Designed for regional internet providers. It offers a full-fledged, on-premise protective DNS resolver that helps streamline the network by addressing user-generated security issues.

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Designed for enterprises and public institutions, this product aims to perfect security architecture and protect all devices against cyber threats without requiring additional investments or causing disruptions.

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Designed for nationwide telco operators, Aura is an out-of-the-box cybersecurity product designed to launch quickly and efficiently, boasting high adoption rates and a proven increase in average revenue per user (ARPU).

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Secure Your Network with Whalebone Peacemaker

    Whalebone Peacemaker is a robust cybersecurity solution for ISPs, featuring both on-premises and cloud resolvers that streamline networks and enhance user experience. It offers fast and reliable DNS resolution, compliant with the latest standards such as DNSSEC, IPv6, and DNS-over-HTTPS. With real-time network settings updates, including custom blacklists and whitelists, Peacemaker ensures superior performance without compromising on security or regulatory compliance. Its network-level security filters all connected devices, reducing the impact of malicious traffic. Additionally, Peacemaker provides detailed insights into DNS traffic, supports seamless integration into existing systems, and employs sophisticated AI to proactively manage network threats.


    • Rapid Deployment: Install Whalebone Peacemaker in under an hour and immediately benefit from enhanced network protection. Our solution is trusted by ISPs across four continents, providing robust defense against over 150,000 malicious domains daily.

    • Enhanced Network Performance: Experience a faster network with our on-premise DNS resolver. Whalebone Peacemaker not only speeds up DNS resolution but also enhances user privacy and security through features like DNSSEC and encrypted DNS protocols (DoT and DoH).

    • Intuitive Management: With Whalebone Peacemaker, gain full visibility into your network activity. Our intuitive graphical interface allows you to manage settings easily, apply custom filters, and respond swiftly to potential threats, all while ensuring compliance with local content regulations.

    Flexible Architecture

    Supports on-premise, hybrid, or cloud deployments for seamless integration into any network.

    Customizable DNS Resolver

    A fully configurable caching recursive DNS resolver that supports IPv4, IPv6, and strictly validates DNSSEC.

    Encrypted DNS Protocols

    Supports encrypted DNS protocols including DNS over TLS (DoT) and DNS over HTTPS (DoH) to enhance security.

    Intuitive Admin Portal

    Features a user-friendly and practical GUI for effective administration.

    API Integration

    Facilitates configuration and reporting through API, simplifying the development of security products.

    Hardware Efficiency

    Requires minimal hardware, with specifications of 2 CPU cores, 4 GB RAM, and 40 GB HDD.

    AI-Powered Domain Intelligence

    Delivers real-time threat and content intelligence, providing unparalleled network protection.

    Anycast Routing

    Recommends using Anycast routing to optimize performance and reliability.

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