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Network Performance Optimisation

Bequant offers a comprehensive solution for network performance optimization, focusing on innovation and functionality. This platform is designed to elevate connectivity performance through the implementation of TCPO (TCP Optimization) technology. By utilizing this advanced technology, Bequant effectively minimizes latency, enhances end-user response times, and maximizes the utilization of existing bandwidth.

One key feature of Bequant is its provision of advanced data analytics, allowing users to gain valuable insights into the overall health of their network. This analytical capability enhances network visibility, enabling informed decision-making and proactive maintenance.


Bequant focuses on three main areas:

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Optimizing Connectivity

Bequant prioritizes an enhanced customer connectivity experience by reducing latency and retransmissions, boosting internet speed, and maximizing the utilization of existing bandwidth.

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Data Analytics Empowerment

Bequant enriches user understanding of network performance. This feature provides valuable insights to users, enabling them to make informed decisions about their network health and connections.

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Auto Congestion Management

Bequant seamlessly handles congestion situations, automatically mitigating their negative impact on customers’ Quality of Experience (QoE). This ensures a smoother and more reliable network performance.

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Streamlined Connectivity Management

Bequant offers an easily accessible solution, requiring minimal setup and configuration. This user-friendly platform offers TCP Optimization, streamlining data flow management, enhancing network scalability, and elevating the overall user experience without the complexities of extensive hardware adjustments.

Bequant is an ideal solution for Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP) and Internet Service Providers (ISP) operators seeking to reduce latency, minimize retransmissions, and boost connectivity speeds for their customers.


  • Reduce latency and enhance connection speed with Bequant’s TCP Optimization.
  • Boost the scalability, reliability, and flexibility of your TCP connections.
  • Access real-time analytics for a clear view of your network’s health.
  • Experience improved traffic flows and faster download/upload speeds.
  • Set up Bequant effortlessly with minimal hardware requirements.
  • Proactively secure your network against potential DoS attacks.
  • Utilize comprehensive reports for making informed decisions about your network.

Network Optimisation

Bequant provides customers with CLI Shell over SSH, HTTPS Web GUI, RADIUS, REST API, SNMP, and Lights-out management (by HW Vendor).

Network Visibility

Bequant provides customers with real-time and historical reporting on the current status, evolution over time, traffic service composition (DPI), latency for each app/service, main users per app/service, Network QoS APIs, latency, retransmissions, active flows, maximum speed, and DoS attacks.

L2 Standards

IEEE 802.IQ (VLAN), IEEE 802.1ad (QinQ), IEEE 802.3ad (LACP), IETF RFC2516 (PPPoE), and IETF RFC 3032 (MPLS) are supported.

Network Interfaces

Network Interfaces supported by Bequant range from 1GB to 100GB (1 Gb RJ45/SFP, 10Gb SFP+, 25Gb SFP28, 40Gb QSFP+, and 100Gb QSFP28) with Intel controller.

OAM Interfaces

The Bequant TCP optimization functionality reduces latency, increases end-user response times, and maximizes existing bandwidth. The BQN Platform uses a transparent TCP Proxy to improve performance.


Bequant can be used with Intel/AMD off-the-shelf servers from SuperMicro, HPE, Dell, or similar. It also supports Virtual Platforms such as KVM and VMware.

Bandwidth Management Policies

With Bequant, customers can set rules for their network traffic using rate limiting, bursts, or blocking on a flow-, group of flows-, subscriber-, service/application (defined by DPI)-, VLAN-, IP address/port-, interface-, network throughput or time of day/day of week basis. It also has ACM (Automatic Congestion Management), that can automatically detect when a flow enters into congestion and apply instantly apply a limit to that flow, to exit this undesired situation.

Capacity Per Node

Bequant can support up to 150 Gbps.

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